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Rehabilitation Centre "Omsky"

The Rehabilitation Centre "Omsky" is situated in the downtown on the confluence of two rivers: Irtysh and Omka. Omsk ranked eighth in Russia by number of inhabitants. The city is interesting for its 300-years history, architecture, culture and traditions. Land development of East Siberia started here. Now Omsk is a large economic, scientific, financial and industrial centre which attracts not only tourists, but young people all over Russia by its educational and career opportunities. The climate here is best described as a typical Russian one: snowy severe winter and hot summer. The Rehabilitation Centre operates on the basis of the State license for medical activities No.FS-55-01-001375-15 from January 22, 2014. There are over 10,000 patients who are treated at the Centre. In 2019 the Rehabilitation Centre "Omsky" passed accreditation by DQS in the international verification of compliance with standards and received ISO 9001-2015 certificate. 


Activities patients:

  • rehabilitation of patients at the early and recovery periods after injuries 

  • rehabilitation of patients with acute disorder in cerebral circulation, cardiovascular diseases(such as heart attack, unstable angina, after surgical treatment of coronary heart disease), digestive system disorders(after cholecystectomy gastric resection)

  • SPA treatment



  • located in the city Centre

  • qualified personnel

  • comprehensive rehabilitation(medical, social, professional)

  • wide range of facilities, modern rehabilitation techniques 

  • presence of unique natural factors(sulphide-silt mid, own source of mineral water, radon)

  • availability of specialized rooms, elevators, ramps, handrails

  • the Centre is adapted for people with disabilities 

  • variety of food and drinks

  • leisure activities and cultural program


Contact Information

The reception

tel / fax: 8 (3812) 24-25-88

Reservation and Accommodation Service

tel / fax: 8 (3812) 24-28-73

tel .: 8 (3812) 24-26-08


tel .: 8 (3812) 23-15-32